For You

Mee is your personal identity agent
Runs entirely on your device
Protects your privacy
Tells apps/sites “Do Not Track” and “Do Not Sell My Personal Information”
Shares Privately
Tap the Mee button on apps/sites to create a data private sharing connection
No more passwords–you’re logged in immediately
No more “create account”–your data is automatically synced
Share privacy-protected interest profiles to increase relevance of content and offers
All data shared remains remotely controlled by your Mee agent
We’re building a community of certified providers
Certified providers take a stand to respect user privacy and build user trust by signing the Human Information License:
They agree not to process, store or transfer your data without your consent
They allow you to download your data into your agent
They allow your agent to update or delete the data they hold about you
What can certified providers do with your data:
Only retain information beyond while you are using their app or site if it is required for business processes like automatic payments or transactional emails.
They are allowed to display the Mee trustmark
They are subject to financial penalties if they fail to comply