About us

We are a nonprofit committed to empowering people by putting them in control of their online identity.

We push back against the power of big tech and surveillance-based advertising by giving people tools to represent them and protect their interests online. These tools increase personal privacy, autonomy, and convenience.

Join us

Join the movement! Let’s take back control of our data. To join, all you have to do is download our app. After that, it automatically does things like send a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” signal to every site you visit, and more.

Do you share our vision? Do you want to contribute to our mission? Let’s talk! Tap the Mee button to connect with us. Follow us on Twitter.

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Password-less, surveilance free, and privacy-respecting
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We invite online service providers across all industries to join us in committing to fair and responsible data practices that will build trust with users. Just tap the Connect with Mee button to connect with us.

The Mee platform

Identity Agent

Free, open-source app that represents you, protects your interests, and enables trusted, private data sharing with certified provider’s apps/sites

Human Information License (HIL)

A contract between The Mee Foundation, acting on behalf of the user, and the digital service provider. Required to join the Mee provider community, the HIL defines what providers can do with users’ data.

The Mee Foundation, Inc.

A nonprofit organization which develops the Mee identity agent, certifies providers and enforces providers’ compliance with the HIL on behalf of Mee users.


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