About us

We are a nonprofit with a mission to offer the Mee human-centered user experience for the internet.


Coders, admins, writers, legal experts, and more

Join us

We’re looking for coders, app developers, usability experts, translators, and more. If you’d like to join us, email us at hello@mee.foundation

We also invite businesses to join us in committing to fair and responsible data practices that will build trust with people who use their apps and sites.

Support us

Please support us on Patreon.

Our platform

Identity Agents

Manage and control your personal information on Mee-compatible websites and applications.

Browser Extensions

Browser extensions that work with Mee-compatible identity agents.

Legal Agreement for Businesses

The Mee Data Network License defines what businesses can and can’t do with your data.

The Mee Foundation, Inc.

Our mission is to provide the Mee experience – a human-centered user experience for the internet.


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