About us

We are a nonprofit committed to empowering people by putting them in control of their online identity.

We do this by developing and making available a smartwallet that increases privacy, autonomy, and convenience.

Join us

Join the movement! Let’s take back control of our data. To join, just download our smartwallet app.

Do you share our vision? Would you like to contribute to our mission? Let’s talk! Tap the Connect-with-Mee button to connect with us. Follow us on Twitter.

We invite online service providers to join us in committing to fair and responsible data practices that will build trust with people who use their apps and sites.

The Mee platform

Mee smartwallet

A free, open-source mobile app that puts you in control of your online identity. It retrieves, organizes, and stores your data securely on your device. It represents you at service providers you trust. It enhances your privacy by telling businesses not to track you, and not to sell your information.

Human Information License (HIL)

A contract between The Mee Foundation, acting on behalf of you, and an online service provider. The HIL defines what businesses can and can’t do with your data. [Under development]

The Mee Foundation, Inc.

A nonprofit organization which develops and makes awailable the Mee smartwallet. In the future we plan to certify businesses, and enforce compliance with the HIL.


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